Chris Kingman, LCSW

NY State licensed psychotherapist

Chris Kingman NYC Therapist

As a therapist I have been helping people for the past 20 years to manage their emotions, improve relationships, deal with transitions, advance career aspirations, heal from trauma, eliminate self-destructive behaviors, feel more internally secure and more.

My approach and style are interactive, down-to-earth and practical; I am not the type of therapist to “just sit there.” My philosophy is that therapy is a co-creative process, and I take great care to ensure that my clients develop tools and strategies that help them not only feel better but also live better.

distant past

Upon dropping out of college in 1988 after only two semesters, I spent the following eight years involved (as a writer, performer and producer) in musical projects in NYC and Europe. By 1995, however, it became clear for a whole host of reasons that it was time to re-evaluate my lifestyle and life-choices, and…well, everything.

So I went into therapy.

To my surprise, I realized after a while that doing therapeutic work (i.e. getting psychologically and emotionally healthier) was not only super helpful in practical ways, it was also extremely interesting and fulfilling. Thus, in 1996 I went back to school—and then graduate school—and have been practicing as a therapist ever since.

recent past to present

In addition to being a practicing therapist for many years, I also have taught “Human Behavior” and “Group Process” at the graduate level and served as Clinical Supervisor, Associate Director and Director for psychotherapy centers in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Suffice it to say that this collection of professional activity has kept me in regular contact with a very diverse and dynamic grouping of people and ideas over the years—all of which enriches me personally and professionally on an ongoing basis in ways that I deeply value. Lifelong learning is a core principle of my therapy practice, and it is something I try to live by as well.

I live with my wife and 2 daughters in Brooklyn and have a full time private practice in Manhattan.

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