how it works

The process begins with you contacting me. It's easiest if you send me an email because it allows us to, depending on the situation, either coordinate a time to talk briefly on the phone or to just go ahead and set up an initial consultation appointment. If you prefer to call and leave a voice-mail, that's completely fine as well. Either way, I'll get back to you ASAP and we can proceed from there.

first therapy session

The first therapy session is an opportunity for us to discuss what brings you to therapy and how you want things to be different in your life. In this initial conversation, you are getting a chance to see if working with me feels like a good fit for you.

I take great care to ensure that all potential new clients of mine feel comfortable and supported to express themselves as they wish. There are no lengthy forms to fill out, and there's no pressure to tell me everything there is to know about you.

The initial session is one hour, and we designate the last 10 minutes for discussion about what the options are going forward.


I work on a sliding scale fee structure. This means that if your life circumstances currently prevent you from being able to afford my full fee, call me anyway; we can review your situation together and discuss options for a reduced fee. If for some reason I am not able to accommodate your needs, I will work with you to find a therapist who can.

Full Fees Length of Sessions
Individual therapy $250 50 minutes
Couples therapy $300 60 minutes
Group Therapy TBD 90 minutes

health insurance

I am licensed as an "out of network provider" with all insurance plans; thus many of my clients are able to get reimbursed (partially or fully) for all therapy sessions.

The way it works is that my clients pay me directly (via cash or check), and I give a receipt that has all the necessary information on it.

All you do is submit this receipt to your insurance plan, and you get reimbursed (partially or fully, depending on your plan). If this option appeals to you, just check with your plan for details.

If you need assistance navigating this aspect of the process, I am happy to help.